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01 // Core features

Solid framework
for all my websites

Each website I’ve built comes with a sound foundation. You need these features for the long-term. Reliability, speed and security.

Mobile and Tablet


No Coding






Built on WordPress
5.7 or more

Reliability, Speed and Security

SSL lifetime

Speed and Security

Optimized CSS
and JS Files


40+ security


02 // Paid Plugins

Paid plugins
at no extra cost.

WordPress plugins are essential “bits-of-code” to plug in your site for new functionalities. With 55.000 of them in the market, is key to lear which ones to use. I include the premium versions of at least 6 plugins with an added cost of over 400€.

Elementor Pro

No-code page builder

Regular price: €49.00


WP Rocket Premium

Speed optimization

Regular price: €49.00


Duplicator Pro

Back-up manager

Regular price: €69.00


WP Media Folder Pro

Media manager

Regular price: €39.00


Rank Math SEO Pro

Custom Theme Settings

Regular price: €49.00


Pixel Your Site Starter

Tracking and analytics

Regular price: €150.00


03 // Capacitation

Get taught how to
edit your content

The beauty of WordPress relies in its simplicity. I have devised how to satisfy one of my biggest clients’ needs by providing them with capacitation, digital material and video-tutorials that can teach anyone to customize their content.

04 // Layout

inner pages.

All my websites are expandable. I encourage my clients to customize and add the extra inner pages that are not yet published. A great opportunity to include additional information or build funnels for your visitors.

05 // FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.

Want to know more? Here you can find key information about working with me. When you are ready, call me for a free consultation to clarify all your doubts.

What do you offer?

I create for you a professional WordPress site that will become the face of your business, and that will generate traffic, leads and revenue.

Tell me about your process...
It begins by getting in touch to define the scope of the project and the projected costs.

If we both agree to work together, I will begin working right away on the first draft of the project that takes approximately 2 weeks.

After first submission, I expect a first feedback round for adjustments.; We go back and forth with your vision until final delivery takes approximately 2 weeks, for a total project duration of 4 weeks.
What features can you add to my websites?
My work centers on clean and beautiful websites that are reliable, fast and safe.

I also focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), by putting great care in the content. The text, the images and the organization of the website all contribute for a better SEO and thus getting ranked in higher positions at Google. If agreed upon, I can add:
  • E-commerce store
  • Schedule booking systems
  • Web analytics
  • Hosting services
How much does it cost to build a WordPress website?

It depends on how big of a site you want, how responsive you need it to be, the theme, plugins, modules etc. – I would usually charge between €1000 and €5000 for a brand new project that I start from scratch.

Remember that your site won’t just appear online in one day – usually it takes 2-4 weeks of work from when we sign the contract.

You can also purchase one of the websites I have for sale and I will fill it with the content you provide me. Check the available website in the homepage.

What other recurring costs do I need to be aware of?
WordPress in itself is free, but there could other needed services for your website to run better. For example:

  • Hosting: this is the platform where you store your website. The costs typically range from €5/month to €25/month. If needed, I provide professional hosting as well.

  • Plugin Subscriptions & Tools: All my websites come with a set of premium plugins with an added cost of over €400, for free. However, WordPress has over 55.000 plugins available, and it may be the possibility that you want to pay for a specific plugin that provides a specific feature for your business.
Do you outsource any services?

I take great pride in being a one-stop agency. Everything you need is right here, from the logo to the landing page to the ad copy to the conversion process.

This way, there are no middlemen, delays, or quality issues that sometimes arise when outsourcing. With everything handled on my watch, you’ll receive top-of-the-line work every time, quickly and efficiently.

Can I make updates to my new WordPress site?

WordPress is extremely easy to use.You can quickly and easily add pages, sub-pages, media, text, images, blogs and more, with no coding needed.

If you hire me, I will also give you a thorough training session to cover all the basics on how to use WordPress and add content on your own. I will also make sure you have the right tutorials at hand, some mine, and some form third-partied, to come back to them every time you need them.

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