Discover some projects,
I've made in the past.

01 // Paula VW

Artist portfolio website and e-commerce shop

A clean and modern website site that combines pop-art colors with mid-century styling.

02 // Asociación Mawida

Lead-Gen for Medicinal
Cannabis Dispensary

A pixel-perfect informative site for a non-for-profit organization that promotes medicinal cannabis for patients with a wide range of conditions.

03 // Roberta Dabed

Portfolio and services showcase
for niche hairdresser in Berlin

Roberta is a professional hairdresser that needed showcasing her experience to a new audience in Berlin, where she just moved in.

04 // Activate Life

Referral Brand for Fitness Products

Activate Life aims at becoming the “go-to” source of information for the popular FitLine products while using this leverage to earn referral income from the company.


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